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If your engine is New or Old, Big or Small, Diesel or Petrol - XSNano can save you money.   Why? ... Because it works! - Contact us for bulk pricing.

New "nano" technology can now provide a complete burn of fuel and virtually eliminate friction and wear on all moving parts. Better fuel economy up to 28%, More power up to 34% and far less emissions up to 98%. We can now eliminate carbon and colloid deposites in engines and clean and maintain propper fuel flow. This means massive savings and protection for your machinery.

    More Power, less Fuel.

  • CARS

    Better Fuel Economy, Less Emissions


    Save Fuel, Increase Power, Reduce Emissions, Eliminate Wear.

New Products

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    Trucks and Road Trains getting 25% better fuel economy.
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    Slash running costs and maintenance with XSNano.
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    Reduce friction and wear and extend the life of your machinery. read more

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    Save Fuel, Increase Power, Reduce Emissions. ...
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    NDA - Nano Diesel Additive Save Fuel, Increa...
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    This triple pack treats 1,000 litres of fuel ...
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